Not a Latter-day Saint?

A Book For All Old Testament Fans – Latter-day Saint or Not

For those persons who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is another book  (see the picture [and the link to] at the bottom of this page) available.  This book was written for those who love Old Testament stories yet are not completely comfortable with all Latter-day Saint teachings.  If that describes you,  you will want to take a look at this other book–a book with ten fewer stories (219).  The book, which is written for adult Christians is entitled I Will Make of Thee a Great Nation.  It has been highly regarded and was a “Best Books Award Finalist” for USA Book News.

I believe you will love this book!  And through it, you will come to love the Old Testament because you will understand it better than ever before.  The stories are simple without being simplistic.  They are both very readable and true to the scriptures.  You will be pleased that there is no fictionalizing and no embellishing.



Following are excerpts from three reviews of  I WILL MAKE OF THEE A GREAT NATION:

by Midwest Book Review:
The Old Testament is a compilation of some of the most famous and enduring stories cited in the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Now Val D. Greenwood has created a compendium succinctly re-telling two hundred of these Old Testament tales in “I Will Make Of Thee A Great Nation” in a more accessible and ‘reader friendly’ language style than the traditional Biblical translations that most people are familiar with. Placing each story within an historical context and through the profuse use of source citations and footnotes, this 367-page anthology is thoroughly appropriate for the non-specialist general readers, as well as Bible students, making it a very highly recommended addition to personal, family, church, and community library Religion/Spirituality reference and reading list collections.
by Jaroslav Melgr:
This is a very nice volume aimed to introduce the Old Testament (OT) to a person who would not typically feel inclined to pick up KJV and read the OT cover to cover. It’s neither a re-translation nor a complete OT, but a selection of 219 stories from the OT told in a more accessible modern-day English. It could also be well used in a family setting, helping the children familiarize with the most common scripture stories. However, with that said I believe that even seasoned students of OT will find value in Mr. Greenwood’s book. The stories are told in a refreshingly plain speech and offer a different perspective. Though told as seen through someone else’s eyes it is still a remarkably unbiased and balanced account….
by Donald James Parker:
Mr. Greenwood’s writing is invisible. That sounds like an indictment, but actually that comment is meant as a compliment. I mean I didn’t notice whether the writing is good or bad, because I was flowing with the idea the writing is supposed to convey. If the writing was bad, I’d notice and be distracted from the content. If the writing was salient, I would have been distracted by my stopping to admire the phraseology or perhaps to decipher a phrase that was overly complex in nature. Either way I would be distracted and my absorption of the material would be impacted. The author’s goal here is not to impress us with his literary prowess. He’s trying to deliver the word of God in a more digestible and condensed format….
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